MATH6915: Scientific Computation Seminar Schedule

Wed. 16:00-17:00

Room 1511lift 25-26/ LT E
Organizers: Xuhui Huang, Xiao-Ping Wang and Michael Wong


Date Venue Speaker
Feb 25 Rm 1511 Zhigang LI / MECH
Title:  Critial Particle Size Where the Stokes-Einstein Relation Breaks Down
Mar 4 LT E Ping SHENG / PHYS
Title:  Determining hydrodynamic boundary condition from equilibrium fluctuation
Mar 11 LT E Wei SHYY / EVPP
Title: Computational Moving Boundary Problems
Mar 18 Rm 1511 Qiang YANG / CSE
Title: User Modeling in Big Data           Cancelled
Mar 25 LT E Tony CHAN / President                          Cancelled
Apr 1 LT E Yang XIANG / MATH
Title:  Modeling and Simulation of Dislocations in Solids
Apr 8 Mid-term break
Apr 15 LT E Jidong ZHAO / CIVIL
Title:  Multiscale modelling of granular matte
Apr 22 Rm 1511 Kun XU / MATH
Title: Direct modeling for computational
fluid dynamics
Apr 29 Rm 1511 Yuji SUGITA / Chief Scientist, RIKEN, Japan
Title: Development and parallelization of MD software GENESIS
May 6 Rm 1511 Yang WANG / MATH
Title:  The Phase Retrieval Problem