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C.T. Chan, Physics
M.S.B.H. Ghidaouri, Civil Engineering

Pal-wo Leung, Physics
Zhenyang Lin, Chemistry
M. Mu, Mathematics                                     

  • Other founding members:
    Xiao Ping Wang , Mathematics
    Jeffrey R. Chasnov , Mathematics
    Raymond K. Cheung , IEEM/Civil
    Bradley A. Foreman , Physics
    Jimmy C.H. Fung , Mathematics
    Jishan Hu , Mathematics
    See Chun Kot , Mechanical Engineering
    Yue-Kuen Kwok , Mathematics
    Alexis K.H. Lau , Center for Coastal and Atmospheric Research
    Kin-Man Lee, Civil Engineering
    Richy Lee, Mechanical Engineering
    Bo Li , Computer Science
    Zhenyang Lin , Chemistry
    Hong Kam Lo, Civil Engineering
    Tai Kai Ng , Physics
    Huihe Qiu, Mechanical Engineering
    Ping Sheng , Physics
    Pengcheng Shi, EEE
    K.Y. Szeto , Physics
    Susheng Wang, Economics
    Xiang Rong Wang , Physics
    K.C. John Wei , Finance
    Kwok-Yee Michael Wong , Physics
    Dekai Wu, Computer Science
    Lixin Wu , Mathematics
    Kun Xu , Mathematics


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